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We provide supported independent living, dedicated to community re-entry.

Community Connections provides supported independent living services to individuals with brain injuries whom have successfully progressed through clinical rehabilitation programs. When they enter our program they are now in need of a comprehensive, community-based living and learning program.

We recognize that each person is different and that their head injury is different. Their problems are different. Therefore, we use individualized, community-based situations as on-going learning tools to improve skills in the areas of executive functioning, visual processing, and information processing all while improving memory and attention deficits.

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible'!

Audrey Hepburn


“Come here with an open mind. The person I was before I got here and the person I am a year later are completely different and for the better.”


Michele Gorski

Assistant Program Director

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Katie Krauseneck

Occupational Therapist

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Rand Urbin

Accounting & Controls

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Maria Kruger

Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Sandra Mabry

Director of Communications & Administration

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